AUDIENCE PERSPECTIVE! Imlie: Atharva’s character following the footsteps of Gashmeer Mahajani’s character Aditya Tripathi

MUMBAI: Imlie is one of the most loved and successful shows on television, being among the top 4 shows when it comes to the BARC ratings. The story has taken a significant turn with Aryan and Imlie’s death and Imlie season 2 starting.

We saw a huge leap in the show after which Imlie and Chini are all grown up.

According to the plot, Atharva loves Chini but has married Imlie. Chini has manipulated Atharva against Imlie and completely brainwashed him. He now hates Imlie because he thinks that she has snatched everything away from Chini like Chini told him. But lately, he has been seeing that Imlie is very sweet and is very respectful towards his family. He sees that Imlie is putting in efforts to make things work. He sometimes takes a stand for her while privately, keeps on being rude to her.

The audience feel that Atharva is getting a little annoying as he is unable to decide a stance and keeps shifting according to his convenience. The audience thinks that Atharva is following the footsteps of Aditya Tripathi who was played by Gashmeer Mahajani.

He also had similar traits. He could not decide between Imlie and Malini. He kept switching sides according to his convenience.

Here is what they had to say:

Divya Arora: I have been following the show since the beginning and I always wanted Aditya to pick a side and stick to it. Now, Atharva is on the same tracks and I feel if there is a leap and new characters have been introduced, their characteristics should be different too.

Praniti Kakkad: This is what happens in Indian television shows. The show keeps taking leaps and new characters are introduced but the storylines and their traits are mostly similar. The makers need to be creative to leave the old characters behind and introduce new traits for new characters.

Simran Ghosh: I don’t know whether it is laziness or lack of creativity that even with new characters, the events and traits are still the same. There is something one can do with a character instead of going back to the same old traits that have been used for a character previously.

Rupali Mundhra: I feel Atharva is turning out to be Aditya 2.0. I thought post the leap and with new characters, there will be a fresh perspective but it is all the same old. I wish the writers would try to make things better for the audience by giving us a fresh perspective and fresh angles of characters.


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