Interesting! Dimpy Ganguli, Rohit Roy and their 3 kids shift to villa in downtown Dubai

MUMBAI : Indian model and TV personality Dimpy Ganguli is known for her stints on Bigg Boss, Swayamvar, and more. She is married to businessman Rohit Roy and is mother to 3 kids. They have been settling down into their new home in Dubai. She had previously shared in an interview that the family had been looking for a bigger place to live as their family is growing, and they are now staying in a big villa. In another recent interview, Dimpy opened up about her new home, how they conquer the new challenges of moving in with their new born, and more.

Dimpy Ganguli shared that they moved into a new villa, where they have more bedrooms than before. She also shared that their home is in a community which has a huge park and is nice for her kids to enjoy. She also admits that she had some uneasiness about moving into Downtown Dubai as it was a very happening place. But she now feels that living in a community is good for the family and will bring the family closer.

She says that it’s a great place for her kids to grow up and that they can celebrate all events together. The family recently celebrated Halloween together, and the neighbour’s kids had also come over to celebrate. They are grateful that they moved and are loving living in a community.

Their children have a lot of friends in the community. Their daughter Reanna has a lot of friends in her school, whereas Bunny who does not attend school or nursery, enjoys with his friends in the community.

Dimpy Ganguli opened up about shifting to the new house while being pregnant. She said, “That was crazy! I wish we shifted before giving birth but everyone thought, I shouldn’t be moving much while being heavily pregnant. They felt it wasn’t wise. I kept saying that with the baby inside is way better than the baby outside. So, we moved in after Rishaan was born and that was something! I wasn’t getting sleep at night; the hormones were crazy. I had no idea what was being kept where. Although, I have to mention, my nanny was extremely efficient. But that had a problem because I wasn’t doing it by myself. My insecurity was not knowing where things were kept and I would scamper around later to find things. But everything is an adjustment process, that’s what I have realised. Everything is something that you grow into. You cannot rush things.”

Talking about the house, she shared that they did not buy a lot of new furniture yet and that most of their furniture is from their old house and fits their house well. They didn’t have to break their heads on which furniture to keep where.

Their children have their own rooms, but their elder daughter Reanna finds it difficult to sleep alone. So, their son Bunny accompanies her and sleeps in the same room. But Dimpy says that when the two of them are together, they keep talking to each other and sleep late as compared to when they sleep alone. The couple have also placed cameras around the house and the children find peace in knowing that their mother is watching them. It gives them a sense of safety.


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