Sherleen Dutt: With fear and stress, people find themselves struggling with mental health concerns

MUMBAI: Our lives today are replete with stress and anxiety, and this is what is causing multiple mental issues, says actress Sheleen Dutt. The actress, who was last seen in Honey Trap squad and KINK, says that it’s great to see that along with mental health issues, a certain awareness about mental health treatments has also cropped up.

“Since the Covid outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, mental health and depression have become more prominent topics of discussion. With the challenges of isolation, uncertainty, and fear, many people have found themselves struggling with their mental well-being,” she says.

She adds, “The conversation around mental health has definitely expanded to include teenagers as well. Young people are increasingly recognizing the importance of mental wellness and are more willing to talk about their struggles openly. It’s encouraging to see this shift in awareness and acceptance.”

However, sharing your innermost feelings with anyone must be done with caution, she says. “While sharing can be therapeutic and helpful, it’s important to maintain boundaries and be mindful of oversharing. Vulnerability is a strength, but it’s also essential to protect oneself from exploitation or manipulation. Finding a balance between openness and self-protection is key,” she says.

Ask her how she takes care of her mental health, and she says, “Personally, I prioritise my mental health by practicing self-care routines such as meditation, exercise, spending time with loved ones, and seeking professional support when needed. It’s crucial to listen to my own needs and take proactive steps to nurture my emotional well-being.”


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