I’m not scared of anything, says Siddharth Kumar Tewary

Mumbai, 26 January 2018: He is a pioneer in starting trends in the television industry and popularly known as Mytho king of Indian television. Siddharth Kumar Tewary has given the industry blockbusters like Mahabharat (2013), Mahakali– Anth hi Aarambh hai (2017) and more. The talented man is currently helming the steering of a magnum ship called Porus (2017).

In an exclusive interaction with bestarticles, the curator of over 20 shows, revealed details about his work and his passion – narrating stories. Ask him about the how the idea of Porus implanted, he has an interesting story to tell. “It’s been an exciting journey! When Danish (Khan, Business head, Sony TV) asked me to think about the golden age, I was thinking and contemplating a lot. While thinking I suddenly got a thought of Porus, whom I studied back in school. The tipping point that got me excited was to show the Macedonian world. I wanted the show the other side of Alexander the Great. One side of the world felt that he was a great conqueror while for others he was an antagonist. I knew there was so much to explore in this story. Basically, the lesser known aspects of Porus actually excited me to make the show,” he said.

Interestingly, Siddharth penned the story of the magnum opus. In the chat, he revealed that he tried many writers to pen the narrative, however, there came a point when he thought only he should write it. He said, “I don’t know anything else. I just know this (storytelling). I started this company not to earn money but for the passion of storytelling. I just wanted to tell a story that’s how I became a producer. When I wrote the story I realized that only I should direct it because I had that vision to take it to the next level.”

Siddharth is not just writing the epic drama but also directing it. Talking about the difference, Tewary had an interesting point of view to share. He said, “When you write something and when you make it something, it’s a different ball game. When you write something you don’t know how the sets would look like. Shooting is a complete ball game. There has to be a growth curve from writing to direction.” He shared that he is quite open in taking everyone’s opinion. “I’m extremely open about suggestions I don’t believe that I’m a know-all guy. I’ll stop learning if I stop taking suggestions. I always involve all my team. Even the smallest person in the team can add something and make a difference,” he averred.

The talented visionary is honored when his historical series is compared with fantasy sagas like Bahubali and Game Of Thrones. “Bahubali is a movie while Porus is a series. On the other hand GOT is 10 million dollar per episode! You can’t compare and compete with GOT. I don’t have the time and inclination to compare. I don’t have the energy I’m too indulged into focusing on my own work,” Siddharth said.

If one has a brief look at Tewary’s portfolio, it is thronged with the heavy budgeted mythological saga. On inquiring him, about his inclination towards mytho-dramas Siddharth has a quick revert. “I believe I’m blessed. Whenever I’m reading mythology l I feel I’m learning. It is so deep-rooted; we call it a myth but then too we celebrate Diwali and Holi. Every story written about the culture has a clear meaning. I believe every story that God has written is for people to understand the subtext.” The curator feels enriched reading and learning about mythology. Consequently, he introspects and creates a world that no one has seen. “Eventually the product is wholesome for families. So, why do you want me to shift from mythological dramas to daily soaps? We are premium content provider and we’ll make all kinds of content,” he added. The curator has made different contents in the past and will continue to do so.

Discussing over things, Siddharth also revealed that he isn’t scared of any competition. “I’m not scared of anything. I believe certain things work certain things don’t. Some stories work some don’t, that doesn’t make me a bad storyteller,” he concludes.


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