Kanika Mann is the biggest foodie on the sets of Guddan: Rehaan Roy

MUMBAI: Audiences always remain curious to know about the happenings in their favorite actors’ lives. bestarticles brings to you a fun segment wherein actors reveal details about what goes on behind the scenes on the sets of their shows.

We got in touch with Rehaan Roy, who plays the role of Parv in Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. He shared some fun and interesting details from the sets. Read on!

Who is the latecomer on the sets?

Ssshhhhh… That’s a secret.

Who is the sleeping beauty on the sets?

As of now, no one. I’ll tell you as soon as I catch someone sleeping on the sets. (winks)

Who is a selfie queen/king on the sets?

Who else? This crown goes to me. (laughs)

Who cracks up during scenes?

Everyone. Cracking jokes is just a part of our daily scenes.

If u have to play some other character from your show, which one would you choose?

No one. Parv is plotted perfectly.

Who is the foodie on the sets?

Kanika Mann, our very own Guddan

Who is most unorganized?

I think it’s Sehrish, as I saw all her makeup stuff lying here and there, but she’s a sweetheart.

Best friend on the sets?

No doubt, Kanika

One rumour you want to spread about yourself?

Why rumour? I believe in reality!

Mytho/historical or normal daily soaps?

Both. But if I have to pick one, then normal daily soaps, as the clothes are really easy to wear.


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