Every day is a learning experience at Star India: Senior Executive Neha Singh

MUMBAI: Some people are born multi-faceted. Having been a journalist with IBN7 as a senior correspondent and assistant director for multimedia show Star Superstar Buzz, Neha Singh started her journey at Star India as a casting director and now holds the position of a senior executive. She is a part of the TV censoring team and is currently enjoying her work.

From the reporting pitch to casting hub and then entering the TV censoring team, let’s here from Neha about her journey in the industry, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them to reach this level of success.

From her extensive experience, Neha has learnt that one needs to be a good learner and listener, possess patience, and work hard to achieve one’s dreams.

From a journalist to a casting director and now a senior executive, how has your journey been?

Splendid! Actually, it’s a call of destiny, and this is what got me here. The journey is never straight. It has many steeplechases, and I am thankful to my family, God, friends, and especially Shruti Jani (my manager) who gave me the courage to overcome hurdles to reach here. I remember a moment when I gave up and it was like ‘bas ab mujhse nahi hoga’, but I guess when you break, you have some energy to put you back where you are supposed to be. With this, I wish to receive more success in the coming future.

Hardships you faced to reach this level?

The hardship was to become a team member from a head. When I joined a new venture as an associate producer for the content engine fiction team, it was a new profile. It was a corporate life and I had to work as a team member over here which was a bit unacceptable to me as I had always headed my own team in Optimystix Production, where Vipul Shah ( Producer) use to treat me like family and kept me involved in all meetings. It took me almost a month to accept this. Later on, it was smooth until the year when it was decided to dissolve the team. This decision scattered my life, as there was no team that had a vacancy at that moment. But as you know, positive energy and positive thoughts always keep you alive. I got this new team called as S&P (Standard & Practices). Not many people are aware about this team. It’s a team where we censor content that goes on TV.

I was welcomed by Rakesh Dhotre (vice president of S&P), Rashmi Bhiwandkar (senior manager), Seema Nair, and Shruti Jani (manager). Here, I got credits for the work that I did. The best team as per me is where you work hard and party harder. Naturally, there are ups and down in a team, but even that has been dealt with in a healthy manner until now.

Plans regarding your stint in Star India?

Until the time I am here, I am going to do my best towards the profile that is credited to me. Every day, there is a new thing to learn, and this is how I will learn to move ahead towards my successful journey, which is yet to unfold itself. I believe in karma and surely will make it a good one. At present, I am happy in my profile, and if there is something new to happen, I am open for it too.

Excited about this new journey?

Yes! I am excited, and this journey wouldn’t have been possible without my team members and a friendly boss plus the HR of Star India who gave me this new opportunity.

From switching to become a casting director from a journalist, did you ever think of acting? That’s become every actor’s second career.

(Laughs) This is a nice question. No, I never thought of becoming an actor. I am happy with what I have. From being a journalist, a casting director, and now a senior executive, I have gotten to learn many things. Sometimes, I feel I am an all-rounder and I can do many things, as I have explored most profiles and sectors of the industry.

Star India is a big name. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Now that you’ve moved from casting, what’s your calling in life?

I am currently going ahead with my filmmaking and direction course, so again, a new thing. In the next five years, I see myself as a creative producer…. So let’s see what is there in my kitty. Maybe Star India will have something great for me to explore like always.

bestarticles wishes Neha loads of luck!


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