Did you know Maitree’s lead actor Namish Taneja took training from a Lawyer friend to get into the skin of his character?

MUMBAI: Zee TV has been a trendsetter in shaping television content over the past three decades. Having narrated several such tales that have resonated beautifully with audiences across India, Zee TV recently launched a new show – ‘Maitree’ with Sunshine Productions. Set against the backdrop of Prayagraj, the show focuses on the exciting yet dramatic journey of Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and her soul sister, Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary). The two best friends have been inseparable since their childhood. While they are sure that nothing can break their friendship and that they will remain the best of friends even after marriage, it seems that life has its own plan for them, and they are drifting apart under the most unusual circumstances.

While all the actors go through various preparations, trials, and mock shoots to get into the skin of the character they play, Namish Taneja went the extra mile to do justice to his character Ashish (Nandini’s husband) in Maitree. Ashish is a lawyer by profession and to portray the right characteristics of his occupation Namish decided to study the life of a real lawyer friend by spending days with him. Before starting the shooting for the show, he visited the office of his lawyer friend and understood what his day and work is like. He picked up the jargon of the job and comprehended the way the lawyers deal with their clients.

Namish Taneja, mentioned, “When I came to know about my role, I got very excited because I have never played the role of a Lawyer in my career, this is my first time. And luckily, I have a Lawyer friend who lives in my building, so I decided to study him and his daily work to understand the nuances of the occupation. At least for a fortnight, I went to his office every day with him and observed him. I understood everything I could in that period of time, like his body language, the jargon he uses, and his style of communication. To be honest, this training really helped me to pull off my character on screen, and I am so glad that in such a short span of time, our show is loved so much. I promise we will always give our best to entertain the viewers.”

Well, Namish clearly worked really hard to do justice to his role! It will be interesting to watch Ashish taking up the role of a father now while handling the family crisis. Will Nandini ever come out of the Coma? How will Maitree deal with losing her husband Saaransh (played by Zaan Khan) to death and her best friend to Coma?

To know more, tune into ‘Maitree’, every day at 7 pm, only on Zee TV!


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