Akanksha Puri and Malkhan Singh’s cold war on the sets of Vighnaharta Ganesha

Mumbai: Television actors and their infamous rivalry is something that has more often become the tale of every other set. It is not a rare scoop to hear that the lead pair who shares a sparkling chemistry on screens doesn’t get along off the cameras.

There have been several reports in the past when things turned ugly for two protagonists of the show due to their said or unsaid enmity. And there are a plethora of instances where tensions have escalated to verbal abuse and slap gate scenarios.

The latest hearsay comes from the sets of Sony TV’s Vighnaharta Ganesha. The set of the mythological show is rife with the talks of the cold war between its lead pair. Ostensibly, the beautiful TV actress Akanksha Puri, who plays the role of Parvati and the hot hunk Malkhan Singh don’t see eye to eye.

The duo doesn’t speak on the sets except for exchanging dialogues for the script while shooting. Infact, they have also indulged in a war of words, which created tension amidst the cast and crew.

An eye-witness from the set revealed that during one of the episodes, the production was highly sceptical and stressed if they would continue to shoot due to their intense animosity. “It happened during the recent Sati track, where Malkhan refused to lift Akanksha,” a source reveals.

A little birdie informs us that the actors don’t get along due to their different mindsets. “Akanksha is a bubbly and cheerful girl who is also talkative and chirpy. On the other hand, Malkhan is very reserved which has created tension between the both. Moreover, it appears that the channel is in awe of her work which resulted in Malkhan’s insecurity,” an insider explains. Another source went ahead to claim that they never liked each other since the inception of the show, “that is the reason you’ll rarely find any of their interviews together.”

To dug deep, bestarticles got in touch with both the prominent faces.

“There is nothing like this. We hardly talk that’s true, but we never indulged in a fight. I’m not that kind of a man who will raise his voice in front of a lady. From my end there’s nothing of that sort, I don’t know about her,” Malkhan, who rose to fame with Kamasutra 3D, maintains.

When probed about the infamous Sati scene where he refused to lift her, Malkhan gave his perspective, “I just had few apprehensions to lift because she was enacting a dead body. The weight increases as a dead body. But eventually I did lift her.” He further adds, “She is a very humble person and thorough professional. Her dedication and work is something to be appreciated. It’s an honour to work with such a co-star.”

The 27-year-old Puri didn’t speak directly about the cold war however her words did give us a validation of the story. “You can’t always be friends with everyone you meet. We are professionals, so whenever we have to do a scene, I’m Parvati for him and he is Shiv for me. We are not friends off the screen, because we don’t share the vibe. Every person has different approach, so do we. What matters is that we are doing well, our romantic scenes are turning out to be good and the audience loves us,” she shares. When we probed her further about the arguments, she says, “Arguments do happen sometimes but we finish them and forget. We are mature enough to not take it ahead.”

Well, as the Calendar Girl Akanksha rightly said, not everyone can be friends. We wish the actors maintain their maturity and things run smoothly on the sets of Contiloe Entertainment’s production.


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