Taarak Mehta: A crave for ‘lemon’ soda lands Gokuldham men in trouble

SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Neela Telefilms) is known for bringing fascinating stories each time. And here they are back with another exciting tale for its ardent viewers.

In the upcoming episode, the Purush Mandal gets ready to enjoy their first lemon soda of the year when Anjali (Neha Mehta) disapproves and tells them it’s not good for health. Jethaalal (Dilip Joshi) somehow manages to convince her otherwise and in high spirits that they reach Abdul’s shop.

However, Abdul tells them there are no lemons for the soda! Disappointed, Purush Mandal asks Abdul to give ideas as to where they can get lemons as this hour of the night.

Abdul guides them to a shopkeeper who charges double the amount. Popatlal (Shyam Pathak) argues with the shopkeeper, by the end of which the shopkeeper completely refuses to give lemon to Purush Mandal.

Still not giving up, they call Abdul again and ask for some other solution. Abdul says ‘there is a property nearby which is owned by sweet Saxena and you can pick out lemons from the trees over there’.

Purush Mandal climbs the high wall and crosses over to the other side. They pluck lemons, but feeling guilty, they leave a note and some money over there. But, unfortunately a couple sees them in the act and thinking of them as intruders, they call the police.

Now, what the Purush Mandal does not know is that while they pick out nice juicy lemons from the tree, waiting for them outside is none other than the police.

What will happen now? How will the Purush Mandal get out of this one? What will happen if Bapuji finds out about them stealing?


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