REVEALED: The mystery behind Abhimanyu’s death in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai!

The upcoming track will not only solve the mystery behind Abhimanyu’s death, but will also unfold Rishab’s past…

Star Plus’ Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai has been keeping the suspense element high in their show and have also managed to keep the viewers on their toes with their guessing game. It’s just been two weeks and the show has gained many curious followers.

The current track of the show is focusing on the mystery of a six-year-old Priyam, who claims to be the reincarnated version of Abhimanyu, returning to the lives of Geetanjali and Rishab. Priyam somehow seems to know each and every intimate detail of Geetanjali (Surbhi Jyoti) and Abhimanyu’s (Shoaib Ibrahim) relationship, which goes on to prove that Priyam is indeed Abhimanyu.

In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will get to see that Rishab (Sharad Kelkar) will manage to convince Geetanjali to move on in life and get married to her childhood friend Rajveer (Shaleen Malhotra) to which she eventually agrees.

But the two people, who are not happy with this development are Priyam and Kavya. While Priyam does not want the alliance to happen due to obvious reasons, Kavya (Sreejita De) too does not want the engagement to happen because she is apparently falling in love with Rajveer.

On the day of the engagement, just when Geetanjali is about to put a ring on Rajveer’s finger, Priyam stops the engagement. He deters Geetanjali from going on with the alliance by telling her that he knows about how Abhimanyu died.

All hell breaks lose when Priyam goes onto reveal that Abhimanyu did not die in a car accident. His car’s brakes were tampered with, due to which he met with an accident. Priyam shocks Geetanjali by informing her that Abhimanyu’s death was actually a pre-planned murder and not an accident.

Geetanjali is devastated with this news and refuses to go ahead with the engagement as she does not want to move on without solving her husband’s murder mystery. She apologises to her brother and leaves from the engagement.
Also coming to fore during the engagement ceremony will be Rishab’s past. Apparently, Rishab would have had someone by the name of Ragini in his life.

It so happens that Rishab was in love with Ragini but she died under mysterious circumstances. Turns out that Ragini and Abhimanyu were closely related and hence Rishab and Abhimanyu shared some animosity.

With Geetanjali starting to investigate the mystery behind Abhimanyu’s death, it will be interesting to watch if she comes across the true story of Ragini as well.


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