Non-VIPs decide on the deserving VIP to get special powers in COLORS’ BIGG BOSS!

In the previous episode, COLORS’ BIGG BOSS turned the game upside down by making non-VIPs the ‘Sanchalaks’ of the task that was given to the VIPs by BIGG BOSS. Karan, Tejasswi, Vishal, Umar and Nishant are now in the middle of an intense contest to win and attain special powers as a VIP. But before this, they have to convince non-VIPs, one at a time, on why they deserve to stay in this competition in today’s task.

Jay sits on the throne and asks them, “Main aapko iss race se bahar kyu na nikalu?” Vishal insists that he has worked hard to stay in the game and concludes, “Main iss khel ka ek ahem khiladi hoon!” As other non-VIPs take turns to question them, Umar reminds them of his loyalty. In contrast, Nishant uses his honesty to pursue them. Whoever the ‘Sanchalaks’ decide on the winner will get power in the house unlike anyone has seen before!

Meanwhile, Tejasswi gets upset with Nishant for behaving rudely with her and starts blasting him for excluding her from all discussions and simply ordering her around. She then starts crying, which baffles Nishant and Rajiv. They assume she is overreacting, with Nishant even asking Tejasswi to fix herself.

On the other hand, the contestants get into a fierce debate on kitchen duties and ‘raashan’. Pratik starts interrupting the conversation while Neha tries stopping him and suggests Tejasswi speak on the same. Pratik turns down her request and shouts at her, which irks Neha. She lashes out at Pratik for not letting her (Tejasswi) talk leading to a massive fight between the two. Suddenly out of nowhere, Nishant picks up a bin and smashes it on the ground, shocking everyone. He yells at them for unnecessarily disturbing the peace in the house and tells them to take their fight outside. Neha gets even more furious at his tone and starts contesting him instead! The ‘Neha vs Pratik’ changes to ‘Neha vs Nishant’ in the blink of an eye. Neha loses her cool and gets violent with Nishant and Pratik while others try to stop her.

Witness these fights unfold in ‘BIGG BOSS’, presented by TRESemmé, powered by Knorr and Dabur Dantrakshak, beauty partner ‘Lotus White Glow’ and nutrition partner ‘Nourish’ every Monday to Friday at 10.30pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9.30pm only on COLORS!


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