Who the hell is Vikas Gupta? : Hina Khan

Mumbai: Ladies and gentlemen, are you all set to watch another drama unfold inside the Bigg Boss mansion?

Fortunately or unfortunately the drama amongst the inmates is about to increase manifold after the brand new CP Plus Global task.

This new task has given the housemates a new advantage of being able to witness what has been said by the other BB inmates behind their back!

Yesterday’s episode saw Hina read out the terms and conditions of the task and then it was revealed, Arshi Khan, the current captain of the house will get the privilege of selecting two contestants who will get to witness what has been said about them behind their back.

Arshi chose Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta.

She also opted to witness what people have been saying about her behind her back as well. No prizes for guessing, this task has already begun to usher even more politics and melodrama in the Colors Bigg Boss mansion.

The atmosphere that is already super charged with back biting and politics has made room for some more. Arshi saw Puneesh telling Shilpa, Akash and Hiten among others that she is the nastiest woman in the house who has done some really dirty things in her personal life and in the Bigg Boss house as well. She will also witness Hina talking filthy about her. Later Arshi being what she is, she confronted Puneesh and Hina about their callous conversations about her.

On the other hand Hina will saw how Puneesh tells Hiten that besides the latter no one else in the glass walled mansion is fit to be called a celebrity. He further stated, Hina Khan is nothing but a shrill mouthed low class woman who will start barking back at pariah dogs if they bark at her.

What will be more appalling for Hina is Puneesh’s mention to Shilpa that Luv is in love with Hina. The TV Bahu also witnessed how Shilpa had mocked her by mimicking Hina’s emotional outburst after Rocky had left the Bigg Boss mansion.

Now, it will be Vikas’ turn… How can we forget Vikas? Well, the Lost boy productions’ head honcho will get a taste of his own medicine when he sees Hina abusing him left right and centre. What will be more heart breaking for him is Priyank’s massive involvement in the same conversation. In the video Vikas will be watching, he will see Hina questioning Priyank, “who the hell is Vikas Gupta?,why does everyone go to him looking for solutions to all the problems?” To which Priyank would say, “he is a NOBODY.”


In the video Vikas would be watching, Hina will also be seen telling Priyank and Luv, “Vikas wants everything to happen according to him, but for me it will never happen.”

Vikas… Poor you!

All of these revelations are sure to wreck another havoc in the house for sure. A storm is already in the process of being conjured. Now the audiences have to hold onto their horses and wait for the spark to fly left right and centre yet again!


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