FINALLY! Rangeela to go ‘against’ his master in support of Shivani in ‘Ghulaam’

What led Rangeela to finally cross that line

Life OK’s drama thriller, ‘Ghulaam’ is finally entering that phase which several fans have been waiting for.

After several atrocities and tyrannical sufferings, it seems Rangeela (Param Singh) will finally be revolting against his master, Veer (Vikkas Manaktala).

The recent build-up in the show had been hinting at Rangeela gradually loosing his endurance, but THE moment has been an awaited one.

The episode which will go on-air today will see Veer keeping Shivani (Niti Taylor) at gunpoint and forcing her to marry five men. And while this is happening, Veer will be at his villainous best torturing Shivani.

Witnessing all this from the sidelines would be none other than Rangeela himself. And unable to endure it anymore, Rangeela will FINALLY decide to defy his master and revolt against Veer, thus bringing a change in the village.

Reminiscing what his mother told him about a woman’s respect, Rangeela, for the first time will decide to stand up.

While this moment has been a long awaited one, will Rangeela really succeed in the revolt? We really doubt that.
Considering the monopoly Veer and Bhishma Pratap hold, it would be an uphill task for the man to go against his masters. Instead of being a fierce and vengeful man, Rangeela will have to rather have a strategy in his approach. Veer and Bhisma Pratap are strong men, but will take time to understand if something’s cooking against them.

Hence, instead of using his brawn, Rangeela will have to use his brains.


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