Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia: Have been in the news always for my relationships so I would not like to have an affair on the show

Pavitra Punia, gave an insight into her plan of action inside the Big Boss house, she also opened up about her participation in the show and stated that if anyone tries to poke her unnecessarily, she will show them her anger which she is known for. Pavitra is very clear she does not take anyone’s shi*.

On why she accepted to be a part of Bigg Boss 14
Earlier, the other projects that I was doing clashed with the Bigg Boss seasons, so I couldn’t do it. Also, last time I was already doing another project so I had to say no to it. This time when I was offered I felt it would be wrong to refuse everytime. I agreed to do it. In fact, this time I kept my current project on hold to do this season. I feel Bigg Boss is a big show and when it is getting offered to me again and again I should do it and not decline the offer. The show is a platform and it gives a huge boost to anyone’s career.

I rediscovered myself and my life during the lockdown
I like to stay alone and I am not that type who loves to party or go out. Staying at home is not a big deal for me. In fact, lockdown became a big headache for everyone but I enjoyed my time during this break. I rediscovered myself and my life. So, I am sure the coming days are also going to be good for me and this time I am not going to be alone, I will have company of many people. I feel it is going to be an interesting journey.

I don’t take sh** from people
I have no strategy. I don’t have a strategy to lead my life and so how would I have a strategy for the Bigg Boss house. I know a lot of fights happen inside the house but it is not necessary that this season will have only fights or people will fight with me. I will try my best to be friendly with everyone and I hope things are good inside and not get messy. I hope there is not an extreme level of dirtiness inside the house. I am a person that if you’re nice to me and loving towards me I can give my life for you but if you are poking me and pushing me I might not give an instant reaction but it goes extreme. I will have to show my famous side which I have been known for.

She further adds, I will taunt people if they don’t work or are unhygienic.I am very particular about things and I have OCD problems, so I feel things will be good for the housemates as I will keep the house clean. I am not of those kinds who will wait for people to do work. I follow this rule at my house also. Now that I am stepping inside Bigg Boss I will do the work. I will taunt people if they don’t work or are unhygienic but I will do all the work. For me hygiene matters a lot, so you would get to see me doing household chores. I don’t have an issue cleaning toilet pots as well. But I will also make sure to taunt people who are running away from duties and that might create a few issues for me.


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