Bengali TV show actors and their Holi plans

Kolkata: The festival of colours is round the corner and those who love Holi can’t wait to smear one another’s face with Gulal;or;Abir. Holi is the celebration of happiness and love. The entire country celebrates the occasion with great fervor by bonding over colours, food or even by spending quality time with each other and our actors of Bengal are no different where the occasion is celebrated as Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra. Read on to know what their Holi or Dol plans are-

Over to them-

Gaurab Roy Chowdhury: I’m a very family person and during Holi the only thing that I do is spend time with my mother. My mother cooks really nice food and I celebrate my time with her. Anyway we are off on Dol so whole day would be family time or you can say well spent Holi with family.

Rajdeep Gupta: Well, this year Holi is different. We will just colour ourselves blue this Holi. This initiative is for our friend Sonika and the Sonika Chauhan 27 foundation. Our motto is to spread the awareness of don’t drink and drive. We all enjoy Holi as it’s the festival of colours but there are other parts too which people do during Holi. It is okay to enjoy but it’s better to be cautious. I just want everyone to have fun and enjoy but be careful and do not get high and drive or even ride.

Subhankar Saha: I will play Holi with my family…the whole day…

Debaparna Chakraborty: Once I was down with fever after playing Holi. So, as a kid I used to be very scared of colours. Now I am not scared anymore but I stay away from colours. I feel Holi is the day to express love with colours. So, I wish everyone a very happy and safe Holi.

Chandni Saha: I’m a complete Holi person and I play dirty Holi. But this time I am playing the lead role in Manasha and make-up plays a huge role in this show. So I won’t be able to play as I have to protect my face and skin. But I’ll have my friends come over my place and will spend quality time with them. And no Holi is complete without good food.

Suman Dey: When I was a child I used to play Holi like how. But these days colours be it water or abir have become very unhygienic. Also, I’m into a profession where looks matter and so any spot on face or any part of the body might affect the skin. We have shoot almost every day and the colours are very difficult to wash off. So I have decided since there’ll be no shoot on Dol I’ll be at home and just chill.

What are your Holi plans, folks? Share in the comment section below.


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