We have a Bigg Boss 13 Whatsapp group: Shefali Jariwala

Bigg Boss 13 fame Shefali Jariwala recently joined a media portal for a live chat session.

On similarities between the lockdown and Bigg Boss 13, she said, ‘Yes, it reminds me of Bigg Boss 13 days. There in the BB 13 house also we were stuck in a similar situation. It was a kind of more strict lockdown. At least, here we are stuck in the house with our family. We were locked in a beautiful house “woh kehte hain na sone ki pinjare mein chidiya kaid hoti waisa he tha kuch….” The house was very luxurious but all were away from their family and were cut off from the whole world. We had to do our own work. From washing utensils, clothes to cooking and cleaning everything was done by us. We used to perform a lot of tasks which were assigned by the Bigg Boss here also we are doing tasks with family. So, the situation is very similar to the Bigg Boss house. Having said that Bigg Boss was a show and this is reality and this needs to be taken more seriously.

On being in touch with the housemates, she said, ‘I am in contact with everyone. In fact, we have a Bigg Boss 13 whats app group where we keep exchanging greetings and we send jokes to one another. It’s good fun and it is nice to be in touch with the BB 13 inmates. Now, there are no insecurities, no fights because it was a game. It was about survival of fittest and now it is all over, so we all have just good memories to recall. Now, nobody talks about the fights, we all talk about the good memories of the house. We chat and keep ourselves entertained. We catch up on video calls, we promote each other’s work.’

So how is she dealing with the lockdown?

‘With lockdown, there’s a mini Bigg Boss that has started in my own house. So, Parag and I are maintaining a little social distancing with each other. He is usually in his bedroom and I am in mine. In the morning we do the house work together. Couple of hours in the afternoon, I like reading my books or painting, he likes reading, sometimes watching TV or playing video games. Then in the evening we meet each other and workout together. Then after dinner we sit to watch TV together, we watch cool series, movies. We are spending a good time together, but a little distance is also important. We need that space to let each other do their things otherwise there will be a overdose of each other,’ the actress quipped.


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