Swastik Productions’ Siddharth Tewary adds another feather to his cap

Siddharth Tewary, who is acclaimed for his creative genius in the television circuit for serials like Porus, Karmaphal daata Shani among others, has gone on to master yet another skill. Along with being an extraordinary writer, director, producer and family man, Tewary has recently earned his Scuba diving certification from Andaman Islands and is now a certified diver.

When asked about his recent achievement, he enthusiastically says, “I am glad I did this. I always had this thing about water. If they took me to deep sea, I would wear a tube and then jump into the water. I am mostly 99 percent fearless as a person. But, this was one thing that was there in my head. I had to do this and get over with.”

This certification opportunity came to him as a gift from his dear wife a year ago on his last birthday, but Tewary, being the workaholic that he is, only managed to find some time off during the start of this year.

Scuba diving certification isn’t every person’s cup of tea. It involves a total of 4 levels of difficulty with life risks if not done correctly as per the rules. Despite no training, Tewary underwent the diving test and cleared all 4 levels. Ecstatic about his experience, he says, “It was amazing. You can go down upto 18 metres. It’s a diver’s test that you do, it’s not that they are teaching you.”

He further adds, “It is not easy. They do a lot of skill tests. Normally what you see in movies that if there’s a problem you can just come up. But, in real you cannot do that.”

Looks like he has had a gala time learning and testing for this new skill. May be now the audience can expect more of underwater sequences in his Historical dramas.


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