Shivaay and Anika finally REUNITE and here’s how!

A key player helps the lovers to get back together!

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz took an unexpected turn with Anika losing her memory and Shivaay agreeing to marry Tia under immense pressure from Mrs. Kapoor.

But little did Tia know that her own mother was plotting and using her!

As per the story so far, Mr. Kapoor died an unexpected death and it was his business partner Tej Singh Oberoi who was responsible for the ‘murder’.

But stay tuned for a fresh jolt in the show as in reality, Mr. Kapoor died in a car accident and Mrs. Kapoor twisted the tale such that her daughters’ held the Oberois responsible for their father’s death!

Now Tia who faked falling in love with Shivay as per her mother’s plan was actually in love with Robin. To our surprise, she was also married to him and currently bears his child. Now when Mrs. Kapoor learnt about the same, she used her foul ‘swimming pool’ tactic and cleverly convinced Tia about Robin being dead.

But in reality, Robin is very much alive!

Yes, Robin lost his consciousness in the pool, but Mrs. Kapoor certified him as dead to fuel more anger into Tia so that she could avenge Robin’s death from the Oberois.

So where is Robin? Well, he is being held captive by Svetlana and Mrs. Kapoor!

Now, Anika will soon find out Robin’s whereabouts and bring him to the altar where Shivaay and Tia are getting married. Robin will then disclose her mother’s real intentions to Tia. Robin will reveal how he actually fainted in the swimming pool, but Mrs. Kapoor kidnapped and kept him drugged so that he could not escape!

Tia, who is in love with Robin will get extremely angry with her mother and will spill beans on all the controversies that she, Mrs. Kapoor, Svetlana did to torment the Oberois.

While everyone will be left in utter shock, Mrs. Kapoor will declare about her plan being successful and now nobody can make the situation better as Shivaay and Tia are already married. But that’s when the whole plot of Shivaay, Anika and Rudra will unfold!

Rudra will turn out to be the fake pandit who performed the ‘fake rituals’ for Shivaay and Tia’s wedding!

Mrs. Kapoor will be exposed and Tia will apologize to the Oberois. She will also confess that Shivaay and Anika are made for each other. Shivaay too will forgive Tia and will give his best regards to a better future with Robin.

Amid all of this, will Pinky accept Anika as Shivaay’s wife now? Why did Mrs. Kapoor plot against the Oberoi’s?

And the more important question here is will Shivaay and Anika confess their feelings for each other, atleast now?!


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