Nia Sharma talks about OVERCOMING her fears and her MOTTO in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’

Here’s all that she said.

Nia Sharma and others have finally returned from all the pain they’ve been through in Spain. While we are sure their journey must have been a great one, we got in touch with the actress herself and here’s all that she had to say.

What are the changes that the show has brought in you?

I’ve become more adventurous than before. I can do things that I did not imagine I can do. I’ve become a little more aggressive now and I wouldn’t back out from situations in the future and yes, I would not get scared of water because I was.

Is there any action hero that inspires you?

Well, I really like Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible, the entire sequel. I also really like all the sequels of Fast And Furious, I am someone who is really crazy for cars and bikes.

There’s this one movie, Tork, where she gets to ride all these bikes and cars and that movie is really close to my heart.

You’ve been loved in Twisted, what would you say about that?

Umm, Twisted, yes that made me realise that I could venture in this direction too. It has been all very overwhelming, even when I go to parties, there are girls who come up to me especially tell me how I rocked in Twisted. It is something I’ve really cherished.

Who’s been you biggest competitor on the show?

Okay, I’ll tell you honestly and I’m not bragging about it, when you reach there, I ended up defeating others, like winning a stunt with my male competitor would make me feel did I really do that?

But, it wasn’t about strength, it wasn’t about you losing it because the guy has muscles, it was the mental game and your inner strength. You know there’s this saying that ‘it is not the size of the dog in the fight but it is about the size of the fight in the dog’ so that was the motto there.

Your message to the fans?

Well, thank you for supporting me throughout, you guys have been the positive force in my life and I want you guys to stay the way you’ve been and you are.

We wish Nia all the best and loads of luck for both the show and her future endeavours.


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