“My happiness lies in their happiness.”, Zaid Darbar’s dad Ismail Darbar expresses his take on son’s alliance with BB 14’s ‘Toofani Senior’ Gauahar Khan in the near future

There are reports that Guahar Khan and her boyfriend Zaid Darbar have decided to tie the knot next month. As per the latest buzz, the wedding will commence in Mumbai.
According to the sources, Zaid’s dad and music director Ismail Darbar told that his son had recently brought Gauahar to meet him and his stepmom Ayesha (Ismail is divorced from Zaid’s mother, his first wife Farzana). This meetup took place at Ismail’s residence, a few days before Gauahar entered Bigg Boss 14.

Ismail said, “Gauahar was with us for nearly 4 hours; we had a biryani dinner together. If the vibes are not good, I don’t think one can sit for more than 4 minutes with anybody in today’s times. My son Zaid has told me that they are serious about each other. I have absolutely no objection. As a father, I did tell him once that she is 5 years older to him and make sure that this is real love before you take the plunge into matrimony. My son seems sure. And from the time, Gauahar spent with us, I can assure you that she takes immense care of him. Besides, my wife Ayesha has a knack of knowing if a person is genuine after she talks to him/her; she has found Gauahar genuine.”.

Ismail, however, claimed that they didn’t discuss marriage in that interlude.

But Ismail’s wife Ayesha, who was sitting right beside Ismail said, “We are happy in every decision that Zaid takes. He has never differentiated between me and his mother. Gauahar is a very sweet girl. We have left it to them to decide what they want to do with their lives.”.

Ismail chipped back in, “And yes, Gauahar also called me before entering the Bigg Boss 14 house and asked me to bless her. My blessings are always with her. She has even told me that she will be very happy if I could meet her mother. So, apparently, Ismail and Ayesha will soon meet Gauahar’s mother. But what about the date of marriage, we asked? Rumour has it that if all goes well, Gauahar and Zaid want to become man and wife in November/ December. Ayesha said, “Look, as Ismail said, we haven’t discussed any dates. But yes, if Zaid and Gauahar decide for tomorrow or after six months or even today, we are ready for whatever they want.”

The same was endorsed by Ismail Darbar by adding, “My happiness lies in their happiness.”.

Furthermore, Ismail was all praise for his son as he veered the conversation to Zaid’s former girlfriend when we asked him if Gauahar was the first girl who he had brought home to meet him and Ayesha.

“We had met his first girlfriend but that marriage didn’t happen. Zaid came to me one day and said that they don’t think alike in certain matters. She is a nice girl and maybe it was just not meant to be. I guess he has seen what I have gone through in my first marriage and understands things very nicely when it comes to relationships. But today, I am in a very happy space. Believe it or not, back in the day, people also spoke about Ayesha that she was trying to cling on to me to boost her career when she had sung a song in ‘Kisna’ but I was sure she had no agenda.”.

Ayesha endorsed his statement saying, “Well, I had four children (Ismail’s kids, 2 sons and 2 daughters, from his first wife Farzana) when I married and then a fifth one (son) whom I gave birth to. I realised that I had a lot of responsibilities and decided to prioritise my family ahead of everything.”.

She further adds on, “Zaid was quite disappointed after his break-up with Aliya and in fact, Gauahar brought him out of it to a certain extent.”.

Zaid was earlier staying with Ismail and Ayesha, but as the boy grew up and justifiably needed space, he went on to stay in a larger flat which now houses even his mother and his three siblings.


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