Here’s why Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin is successful

MUMBAI: There are more than one reasons why Indians love to watch slithering Naagin. Mass appeal- one size fits all- has worked wonders for both Colors and Balaji’s promoter Ekta Kapoor. What has made these serpentines work so wonderfully with our audience?

Snake God has a huge fan following

The snake is a deep-seated symbol in our motherland’s mythology and not forget Indian television has the gamut of mythology- based TV shows, where snakes have played pivot role be it Devon Ka Dev Mahadev, Santoshi Maa, and more. Many of us revere snakes and the fan following of this god has contributed to the success of the show.

Snakes have a glorious past in Indian cinema

Indian cinema has served snake-based stories as a brew of folklore, dreadfulness and emotional drama. Harmesh Malhotra’s 1986 film Nagina, featuring Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor, was a smashing hit. While most serials on Hindi television are all about family dramas, Naagin is a perfect catharsis form mundane routines. Revenge is one of the reasons for survival, and what more than revenge can be the motivation for viewers to watch this high- voltage drama to unfold.

The mystery has its way:

There is a component of mystery and inquisitiveness attached to stories of icchadhari naagins. Most of us have grown listening to the folklore attached to the snakes, and that immediately establishes the connect Emotions like revenge, hate, jealousy, cruelty and aggression that people often suppress TV is the medium where actors display these ‘prohibited’ emotions so blatantly, perhaps serve as an opening for us to give way to those feelings. That’s why people possibly get attached to them.

Offbeat content has its way

Besides television viewers are continually looking for unique entertainment and make-believe stories as life is bursting with the daily stress of work, family, children, commutes, deadlines and other pressures. And Naagin acts as personal stress- buster.


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