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Ishqbaaaz – Daksh Flees To Save Himself

The episode starts with Anika and Payal trying to set themselves free. Payal encourages Ankita to try to free themselves. Shivaay and Priyanka are emotional as today is Priyanka’s wedding. He embraces her with love. Tia tells Shivaay that Daksh will take care of Priyanka he doesn’t have to worry.

Shivaay digs the basement to put the salt to which his grand mom had given him to throw while performing a ritual and doesn’t notice Ankita and Payal tied up there. Ankita notices that Shivaay has come to the basement she calls out to him he turn,s but then Rudra comes and takes him away.

The rituals of the marriage are on and Ankita and Payal try to free themselves, and Ankita says we need to stop this marriage at any cost, Daksh winks and Tia as their plan is successful.

Ankita and Payal finally manage to free themselves. They reach the mansion and Payal is happy to see that the marriage is not over; she tells Ankita that this best time to tell the family about the real intentions of Daksh, but Ankita fears the reputation of the family and Priyanka.

Ankita gets an idea she tells Payal to cover her face with a handkerchief and both with their covered face go towards the mandap, and they left the cloth from the face and Daksh seems them, he his shocked and fakes a cough and faints.

Shivaay, Omkar, and Rudra pick him up and take him to a room. Daksh then rocks his room as everyone exits the room, Rudra and Omkar inform Shivaay that the room is locked from inside.

Shiavay tries knocking the door but in vain he suspects that Daksh as ran away, he goes to Priyanka to console and she is in shock,he episode ends with Anika being in relief that at least Priyanka’s life is saved from being messed up and in contrast to that, Shivaay feels that his sister’s life is messed up.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein- Raghav Attacks Roshni

The episode starts with Mr. Iyer trying to get Mrs. Iyer’s attention. He keeps calling her to help in for something or other. Ishita and Raman come, and Ishta says that the police has cleared Raman from Tanya’s case. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer are happy to know that they ask Ishita whom do you think is behind Tanya’s murder she says she suspects Param and Simmi.

Param and Simmi come to know that police have given a clean chit to Raman in the Tanya murder case, and they are worried now. Param then gets a call from Raghav and he blackmails them and tells them to clear his name from the case or else he will tell the police their name. Param questions him to why he killed Tanaya and spoiled his plan. Raghav keeps blackmailing Param, and then he tells Simmi to give him the ten lakh rupees note and he told with this money he can flee out of Delhi.

Roshini is gone for a walk and sees Raghav there, she screams at him and calls him a thief, she takes a stick and stars to beat him, and then he takes the stick and slaps and then she falls down. She calls out for help, and everyone comes out to seen Roshini at Gunpoint, Raman and Bala call out to Raghav and Raman runs after him and Raghav then gets hit by a truck and dies.

Simmi and Param are very happy to know that Raghav is dead but fear that he is not left back any evidence about them. Roshni is in labour pain, and the doctors say that she is serious and they can only save the child or the mother. The doctors tell Raman that they need to take the decision soon or else it will too late. The episode end with everyone is worried and is in a dilemma as to what to do.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – Mansi reveals her pregnancy

The episode starts with Mohit asking everyone to talk to Dadi if she is coming. Devyaani says yes, we shall have a talk. Meanwhile, the divorce papers reach Naira, she is heartbroken to see that Karthik has signed it, she also is going to signs the papers. Kirti asks Naksh to tell Naira to reconsider the decision to which Naksh says that sometimes we have to take our own decisions, and then Naira signs the papers.

Dadi tells the panditji not to remove a marriage date before 8 months as they don’t want to rush into the wedding, Naira hears this conversation. Naira informs Karthik that she has signed the papers. Dadi informs that the Pandiji has said that there is no mahurat until 8 months. Rukmani tells who sees mahurats these days if a marriage as to work it will or else it will fail. We have to take a decision soon or else the children will take it. But Dadi is stubborn and says she will follow Mahurats.

Naira tries to convince Karthik that she heard Dadi talking to the panditji about the mahurat date but Karthik doesn’t believe her. Devyaani hears Naira talking to Karthik, and she tells Dadi that she is lying.

Dadi lied as she was worried about what the society will think as one side Karthik and Naira are getting divorced and on the other side, Mansi and Anmol are getting married. The family asks Naira and Karthik to postpone the divorce till Mansi and Anmol get married, they refuse. They say that they have already signed the papers and now it’s too late. They tell the family to keep their divorce separately and not mix the two. Dadi then tells Naira and Karthik to decide and she leaves from there.

Everyone is worried about Naira as she is heartbroken and everyone knows that she is strong enough to handle herself. Mansi calls Naira and tells her that she is pregnant, Naira is shocked,Mansi tells not to tell anyone as everyone will be very upset with her then. Mansi and Anmol plead Naira to get them married or else everyone will come to know that she is pregnant.

Kumkum Bhagya – Tanu Insults Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya the episode starts with Pragya looking at Abhi. The Salesboy comes and informs Tanu and that a boy collided with Abhi, Tanu goes to Abhi and asks if he is alright, he tells her he is fine, but the mangalsutra as fallen on Pragya and maybe this is God’s wish.

Tanu gets angry and says it’s not god wish and it was by accident. She also convinces Abhi that Pragaya doesn’t love him anymore and as she trying to remove the mangalsutra from her. Abhi thinks that he shouldn’t force his love on her, and he goes to help her to take it out. On the other hand, Tanu thinks suspects that Pragya came here intentionally. Abhi clarified to Pragya that the mangalsutra felt down by mistakenly.

Abhi says that if the mangalsutra is not coming off you can take it home and remove it calmly. She said that she cannot take it and the chain doesn’t belong to her. Abhi goes to call the staff member for help and Tanu comes there and starts to accuse Pragya, she says that she came here on purpose and she can never get Abhi, as he married to her now. She tells Pragya that she only planned the shop boy to collide with Abhi and it was all her plan. She tells that Abhi had brought this mangalsutra for her. Pragya is heartbroken to hear this.

King thinks that Pragya will be happy to know that he has got the deal, as he takes her as a family member but she doesn’t think in the same way. Tanu keeps insulting Pragya, and tells her that all her property is on her name now, Pragaya says we all know how you have achieved that with your cunning thoughts, she told I didn’t do anything wrong he only realized who is true love is and now he is my husband.

Tanu tells that Pragya that she as an eye on Abhi and she wants to steal him away from him. Pragya says she has no such intention. Tanu tells her to be happy with her husband and to return mangalsutra back to her.

Kundali Bhagya – Sanju is caught

The episode starts with Rakhi is very angry with Karina, and tells that she doesn’t like Preetha but Preetha is a very nice and obedient person. Karina feels that Preetha as everyone on her palm. Sherlin is much tensed as she cannot call Prithvi and hopes that he is fine.

Sanju is driving the car along with Prithvi, and he says that he sense something bad is going to happen. Rishab tries to convince Preetha that something is wrong and Karan also says that she must open her eyes. Prithvi tells Sanju to throw him out of the car, but Sanju refuses to do so. Preetha is convinced that Prithvi is kidnapped now. After lot of arguments Sanju pushes Prthivi out of the car and Karan and Preetha see him. Sanju escapes and thinks that he got into a big problem.

Mahesh and others question Dr.Seema about Sherlin’s pregreancy but she avoids the questions and pretends to be feeling dizzy. Preetha comes to injured Pritivi and he tells her that he is very lucky to have her in his life and he thinks that his plan as worked. Preeta bandages Prithvi and tells Rishab and Karan that we need to take him to the hospital. Rishab thinks that this all plan of Prthivi and he is acting. Karina tells Sherlin that Preetha wants to prove that she is pregnant, and they have asked the doctor but the doctor is not well and she is scared of someone.

Sherlin thinks that the doctor didn’t say anything, and that everyone is believes that she is pregnant. Karina tells her that the doctor as not said anything. Karina asks Sherlin to come along with as everyone is blaming her and she should be there to defend herself. Sherlin thinks of what Karina said and then sees Prithvi’s massage.

Ishq Subhan Allah – Kabir And Zara Goes Against Miraj

The episode starts with Kabir brings Miraj to sharia board. Zara tells Kabir that she is planning to resign from the board, to which Kabir tells her why. She tells Kabir that he had promised to speak for her honor as the board had made a lot of fun of her. n meeting, Khalid says to Irfan that I am not feeling well so I want to resign, I suggest Miraj’s name in my place.

Kabir remembers what Zara told him and tells Irfan that Miraj is very capable to join the board but he is still unaware of many things. He tells that he agrees with what his wife Zara as said that he should join the board after 30 days.

He says that I usually don’t agree with her but she is right this time she has worked for women rights, she has given her life for the nation.

Khalid tells Kabir that Miraj lives with then why you want 30 days for him to join in, to know him but the board members should also know him. Khalid tells Miraj that he suggested his name but then Zara and Kabir told that he should join the board in 30 days.

Zara is happy that Kabir spoke for her honor and tells Salma to forgive her. She askes Salma what to do whether she should resign or no, Salma tells her that she should do so and take care of her home. Irfan tells Zara that he should think about her decision because if she quite the future will get damage and if she stays then the board will benefit. Kabir tells Zara to take her own decision.

Zara says to Kabir that Miraj will do some cheap act which we can expect. Kabir says what are you saying? he is a businessman. Zara says who can hurt others for his gain. Kabir says he is not like that. Zara says I will prove you he is not like you think he is. Kabir looks on.

Ishq Mein Marjawan – Arohi Finds A New Clue

Episode starts with Arohi is crying. She cannot believe that Deep this to her, she says she has no right to live. She is wondering why Deep broke her trust she feels there is a reason behind it, and she needs to find it out.

Tara questions Deep to how that girl knows them, Deeps says I don’t know I came chasing behind her to the hospital and tells her that Arohi is dead and out of their lives now. Deep tells the doctor how dare you bring my wife here, he says the girls shouldn’t see the file and burns the file there.

Mahek puts Knife on the doctor and the doctor tells her that Deep had brought her here and her face was burnt and he told me to give you this face. Deep tells Tara that he burnt Arohi for her and now she is Arohi and if she behaves like that everyone will know who she is.

Yuvraj says to inspector Tara killed my mom, the inspector says that there is no proof of it. Deep says Tara’s case isn’t closed. Police are still looking for her. I did everything to get Arohi’s trust. I even got Dany killed. Arohi is crying. She says I loved him so much and he did this.

Tara tells Deep that whenever she sees her she feels she is her enemy, Deep tells that don’t do anything in your anger. Arohi takes a paper from the file, there is an address on it she goes there and asks the watchman if anyone is staying he says no. She sees through the window and sees Deeps photo and she wonders what is photo is doing her she sees the fan on and she thinks someone is staying and here and now she will find out who is staying here.

Bepannaah – Anjana’s Increasing Bitterness towards Zoya

The episode starts with Anjana asks Aditya if he will join Airlines once again if he passes the test. Aditya nod his heads and Ajnana his happy as she knows if he passes the test Zoya will be out of his life.

Wasim tells Zoya that Arshad had called and she should call him back, she said she was very busy and she will call him back. Zoya calls Aditya late at night and tells him that she doesn’t want to marry and why her parents are forcing her to see any guy and she starts lecturing him on trust issues.

While Anjana is talking to the servants about her kitty party Zoya comes in and Anjana ignores her. Zoya goes to Aditya’s room to charge her phone and she starts cleaning his room when Anjana comes and tells her that he is not Aditya’s wife or mother to clean his room, she says she came to charge her phone. Ajana tells her that always remember that the client’s house isn’t yours. She tells her to leave and there is a kitty party at the house.

While Anjana is enjoying her kitty party one of the ladies present there tells that the biggest mistake she did is to allow Aditya marry Pooja and he should have got married to her Sweety. She tells her that Sweety is still ready to marry Aditya to which Anjana says that he has gone for his pilot test and he will be concentrating on his flying career and marriage is not on his mind.

Aditya as he going to give his pilot test decides to call Zoya. Since Zoya has left her phone in Aditya’s house, he is unable to get her on the phone. Aditya fails in reaching Zoya. He burns the letter. Past got burnt and my future will be different. New story will start in some other place. I am here only till anniversary. I will leave right after Ma Pa’s anniversary. It is my last decision!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka – Nandini decides to leave Rajdeep

The episode starts with Nandini leaves the house in a hurry. Rajdeep is waiting for Nandini to come he is sure that she will return. Sure Nandini would return to him out of care and apologize. Mauli and Kunal are upset to how to stop Nandini from meeting Rajdeep as he, not a good guy. Mamma wonders where Nandini could go in the midst of Pooja.

Everyone is worried about where Nandini as gone. Kunal and Mamma think that Nandini’s decision is stupidity and she shouldn’t go back to her. Kunal gets angry on hearing this and walks out of the house.

Nandini enters Rajdeep’s house and on seeing her tells her that he can die in peace now. She tells him that she hasn’t returned and she knows that he is acting and he is a very good actor and he should stop his drama. She as finally recognized his true face. For a while, she also considered returning to him. But he again proved herself as an idiot.

She says she came to know that he is lying because when he first called his arms support was on his left arm but in the second call it was on the right arm. Rajdeep feels that Nandini doesn’t have a brain and because of Mauli and Kunal, she has become intelligent.

He falls on her feet hold her hand and ask for forgiveness and tell her he had to lie to get her back into his life. Nandini jerks his hand away saying love is a sacred word, he shouldn’t even mention it. Love makes us superior and wipes out all our evils.

Nandini says that love is when you respect each other, true marriage is what Kunal and Mauli are having, Rajdeep feels that Mauli has put this all in her mind. Nandini says that her mom told her to make this marriage work and she did everything to make it work took his insult, she lost her self-respect everything. But the day she insulted her womb and she lost her child something in her changed.

Rajdeep tells to give her one more chance, but she tells now she is giving herself a chance and she kept giving him chances for seven years. She removes her mangal sutra and gives it to him and apologizes if she is done any mistake and walks out.


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