Evicted ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant, Akanksha Sharma gives her FINAL statement on all the allegations!

#BB10: The allegations and counter-allegations by and for Yuvraj Singh’s family are answered once and for all.

The saga of now ex ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ contestant, Akanksha Sharma has been doing the rounds for a long time now. From her allegations on cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s family which include her ex-husband Zorawar Singh and ex mother-in-law Shabnam Singh, to the Singh family releasing the clauses in the divorce papers, the whole case was out in the open.

Several speculations have been going on as to how and what is the truth to the whole saga. This past Sunday, we witnessed the eviction of Akanksha Sharma and awaited her take on the apparent counter-allegations of the Singh family.

Akanksha revealed a lot of things without any hesitation.

Here are the points-

1. She mentioned that she does not regret any of her statements that she has said while on the show. And as of all it, according to her, it totally true. She also said that she is not scared to face the outcome of it from her in-laws.

2. Not two, but three people were involved in Akanksha’s marriage

According to her, though marriage is about two people, her marriage had three people involved, which included herself, ex- husband Zorawar and mother-in-law, Shabnam Singh.

3. It was indeed Shabnam Singh, who destroyed her marriage.

According to her, Shabnam Singh was in fact the reason that their marriage couldn’t last. She said that her husband, Zorawar is a mamma’s boy and hence had no say when it came to taking decisions about their marital life. It was Shabnam Singh who dominated their lives completely.

4. She accepted all allegations of smoking pot and consuming alcohol, but with her husband and Yuvraj Singh himself.

Akanksha accepted that she went to parties and returned home late nights being drunk. But, she did clear the air that she did so with her husband Zorawar and brother-in-law Yuvraj Singh, himself. She also said that before marriage itself, she came to know about Yuvraj being into substance abuse.

5. Shabnam Singh had an eye on her personal belongings.

Akanksha also said that Shabnam was so involved in their lives that she would check her personal stuff and wardrobe too.

6. She had to do household chores even on her honeymoon.

Remember the talk she had with fellow housemate, Gaurav Chopra, where she said that his mother accompanied them to their honeymoon? She gave further details about it where she said, they went to Dubai, which was planned around Yuvraj’s game. And while the whole family lived in an apartment together, she did the cooking.

7. Her in-laws did not help her financially.

In one of the shocking revelations, Akanksha said that she was made to marry Zorawar for bearing a child and that Shabnam would tell her to have sex, if she wants the luxuries of life, thus keeping her financially weak.

8. She is aware that Shabnam will do anything and everything to defame her now.

Akanksha said that she understands the fact that she said everything on national TV and that she known there will be repercussions. She said that she doesn’t expect anything else from her mother-in-law and that she would want to keep defaming her.

9. The in-laws are financially dependent on Yuvraj.

Akanksha said that Yuvraj Singh is in fact a great human being and is the sole earning member of the family. Zorawar does nothing and hence the whole family is dependent on Yuvraj’s earnings.

Akanksha concluded by saying that the show was a surreal experience and she is elated with her small stint and the fact that she got a chance to share stage with Salman Khan. It was magical and she has made friends on the show and has come out as a wiser person.

While, AKanksha was totally candid about the whole issue, what do you feel about the same, now that there is a FINAL call to the saga?


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