Chahatt Khanna takes up keto diet for an upcoming project and she is slaying it

Chahatt Khanna has taken up a keto diet for an upcoming project and she is looking like a dream we must say. Chahatt has been taking multiple art forms like she had taken up martial arts and now she has taken to keto to get into a shape like no one else. The world has taken notice of her talent in Prasthanam and she is now just getting started.

We spoke to chahatt Khanna and here is what she has to say about the keto diet for the upcoming project , ” yes I have taken to Keto diet for an upcoming project and i must say that i have never felt better. I have never felt more energetic and focused. However it’s important to do it in the right way because it can all go wrong very easily . It’s important to have a dietitian to guide you once you take it. I have been under great guidance and i have been preparing for something very important. So let’s see how it fares. One day at a time and i wish to see some miraculous changes very soon.”

Chahatt khanna has time and again turned up to major challenges and she has absolutely nailed it. She is one hell of a woman and has inspired thousands. We wish her all the luck.


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